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Dr. Stanley - Healthcare Topics


What is patient-centered care?

Patient-centered care is a set of strategies designed to empower patients, physicians, health systems, and insurance companies to improve the quality of information, collaboration, decision making, and patient outcomes. Read about three important patient-centered care strategies.


What does population health mean? 

Population health is the umbrella under which a variety of transformative care delivery methods lie. In today’s healthcare system, physicians and hospitals are rewarded for the volume of care they provide. The concept of value based care is trying to align outcomes with payment models. Continue reading...


What is corporate wellness?
The notion of corporate wellness excites me because we live in an age where professionals and patients feel helpless amidst healthcare transformation. Yet innovative business leaders are using new models to provide healthcare for their employees, including on-site clinics, bundled payment, alignment of incentives for self-improvement, and rewarding good health decisions. Corporate wellness plays a key role in transforming healthcare. Read more...

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