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How to Maintain Work/Life Balance while Isolating

As COVID-19 spreads across the world, many of us have had to adjust to a brand new routine and lifestyle as we shelter in place to flatten the curve in our nation. Working from home is a major adjustment in itself, if you are someone (like me!) who is used to being in the office and around co-workers all day. But add in the fact that we are now home, working with our kids and partners too, without the option to really go anywhere beside our homes and neighborhoods.

These days, my "co-workers" are my wife, Erin, our 4-year-old son, Tom, and our black lab, Guinness. Erin also works at Cerner, and she used to manage my private practice, so we are used to working together closely. But we are now wearing the hat of part-time preschool teachers! We have come up with some creative ways to teach Tom his alphabet and numbers 1-20. (Watch the video to see what I mean!) We've really been enjoying being at-home, but I do understand it is a stressful experience for some.

Please watch my video to see how my family is staying "sane" and trying our best to maintain a work/life balance!

Be Well,

Gerry Stanley, MD

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