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Delighting payers and patients with turn-key behavioral health solutions

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once noted that “Change is the only true constant."

It is safe to say that the expectations of payers are changing, and those expectations will most certainly impact the revenue of and for your medical practice. Here’s one example. We’ve all read about, and seen firsthand, the upwards trend in mental health issues during the pandemic. There has been a dramatic increase in substance abuse, ongoing challenges of pain management and prescription drug abuse, especially for people who may have been afraid to venture out for treatment or who were unable to get the requisite surgeries they were anticipating.

Employers, the ultimate payers, have clearly indicated that getting adequate behavioral health resources for their workforce is a priority. However, amidst a serious shortage of behavioral health therapists available to treat these patients, how will this gap be bridged? Perhaps the pandemic that created the problem can also deliver the solution? At this point, the eyes of payers and patients have both turned to the doctor as the solution. Read up on the full particle by clicking here.

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