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Interview with Dr. Stanley: The opioid epidemic didn’t go away. It has gotten worse.

This article is originally published by Health Evolution, and features an interview with Dr. Stanley about high-tech approach he and his company are taking on the opioid crisis.

“We’ve all been so focused on the global pandemic of COVID that we’ve really lost visibility to the opioid epidemic that is bubbling over in our country. It’s evident by the number of overdoses we’ve seen, not just from prescription opioid but with street drugs.

As a medical industry, we’re just paying lip service to the opioid crisis. We’re not looking at the root cause as well as the optimal solution. The answer for many people is to just cut off access. Let’s make it harder to get the drugs. Let’s watch the doctors. Let’s limit what we’re doing. That has value in the future, but in the present, there are a lot of people on these medications and by creating these barriers, we’re just forcing people to go the streets and look for black market solutions. While we are treating the opioid epidemic, we have to treat people.”

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